Top Best 3D games


Nintendo may have been through a difficult time for some time, but just take a look at the catalog of its portable console to be reassured. The Nintendo 3DS is over four years old and is still going strong, thanks to a tip-top game catalog that goes from Zelda to Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, but if you’ve only played cartridge games, you’ve missed some of the best games of the clamshell console.

Nintendo’s online eShop offers some great independent games, and many of them are console-exclusive, including some of the most groundbreaking and totally bizarre indie titles ever to be released on a gaming console. relax, we have planned everything since we did all the work for you: go with us to meet the 10 best games that deserve to be tried if you have not already done.



Roll7 is flawless right now. After launching the sequel to OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood on PlayStation 4 and Vita , this is the original title on new platforms, including your favorite Nintendo 3DS. The dual-screen portable console is well suited to skateboarding, giving you a quick overview of your stats, achievable figures and goals. And the game works wonderfully on the 3DS, thanks to successful controls. They risk a little bit of leaving your analog stick in a bad state in the end, but it’s only because you have played too much.

Gunman Clive 2

Side-scrolling shoot ’em ups are back in fashion at the moment, and Gunman Clive is a title that has brought a different approach to the genre. But his suite is even better. It is played like classics like Mega Man: Gunman Clive takes you to the Wild West, offering you a frantic adventure in which you have to get off the bandits in order to find and eliminate the great villain of the first game. The game is sublime, thanks to its cartoon style graphics and colorful paper aesthetic. And the gameplay is incredibly successful too. Get the game in the eShop, take it with you and you’ll win your day.

Shovel Knight

One of the few Kickstarter games to surface on the Nintendo handheld, Shovel Knight is very close to perfection. It’s a tribute to the classic NES platform games you love being small, with good chiptune music, Super Mario Bros style map . 3 and a hilarious scenario that is never really serious, which is preferable since the game is about a knight wearing a shovel.

But while you remember the past with nostalgia, Yacht Club Games has updated Shovel Knight to suit current players, removing all that was awful in the 8-bit video game: the maddening limited lives, and you can adjust the difficulty according to your desires by deliberately avoiding health bonuses and checkpoints for more pizzazz. The touch screen of the 3DS also makes the switch between weapons (or relics, as they are named) much easier. If you have both consoles, take the game on 3DS rather than Wii U .

Azure Striker Gunvolt

While we wait for Mighty No. 9 to come out of its Kickstarter cocoon, here is Azure Striker Gunvolt from Inti Creates , a side-scrolling shooter that will keep you busy until Keiji Inafune’s creation is ready to go out. This indie title for 3DS is the same kind of side-scrolling shoot ’em up for which Inti Creates is known, with its work on the Mega Man Zero and ZX franchises. But Gunvolt adds another layer of complexity to the mix, allowing you to “tag” enemies and unleash lightning on them, leading to massive chain destruction. Not recommended for sensitive souls, Gunvolt is a terribly difficult title, but deserves a few blocks on your SD card.

Cave Story

Perhaps the most enduring indie game of all time, Cave Story has built an incredible reputation since its initial freeware release on PC over ten years ago. This original mix between platform and shoot (which owes a lot to Metroid) has already been released on the Nintendo Wii and the DSi before, but it is available again to start again on the 3DS. Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya , its creator, has rewarded the game with great music and an excellent story: not bad for a free game available. There is a cartridge version of the game, Cave Story 3D, but it is not found and rarer than a Mario game on Xbox, so try the original on the eShop.

The tops of Nintendo consoles

While waiting to learn more about the NX, what lessons can we learn from Nintendo’s past?

Runny Egg

When you break an egg you get an omelette? Well, that’s not really what this original indie game is, because instead of that, you play an egg with legs that has to go through 16 challenging and twisted levels with several possible choices to explore while collecting ducks. Beware of enemies that might break your shell and bosses. You can even ride until the end of the game if you accumulate enough speed. We just hope that the hero of this title will not end on our plate.

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse

WayForward Technologies and Inti Creates have joined forces again to bring Shantae’s latest adventures to life, and Nintendo 3DS is where they go. You play the role of the half-genius Shantae, and it’s up to you to explore the world, donning your pirate outfit to defeat the evil villainous hacker in a brilliant and stylish cartoonesque world. This side-scrolling platform game is superb, with beautifully crafted levels, refined animations and shimmering colors. Add perfect controls to the hair, and even better, a suite is already planned. Do not wait any longer !

Siesta Fiesta

Of course, it looks a little like the arcade reference Breakout , and the gameplay is also similar, but Siesta Fiesta Applying a modern twist to the formula with colorful and lively graphics, successful controls and 64 levels at the exponential difficulty of tearing your hair. You play as a sleeping boy named Siesta, who visits Fiestaville, a place that hosts colorful creatures named Fiestas. You travel this world and its levels with Siesta becoming the bouncing ball, while you take control of the bed to project it on the blocks of the game. The levels in side-scrolling bring a different approach of things and do not forget the boss either, they take the form of giant piƱata animals that you have to break. All this gives you an offbeat breakout clone quite refreshing.

Heart Beaten

We love all weird games, but Heart Beaten makes sure we’re the weirdest we know. It’s more a series of mini-games like the WarioWare series than a uniform indie title. Heart Beaten offers you 15 epic challenges in which you must spoil a declaration of love to break the heart of a poor little character. Each game represents this failure: you will break hearts in a side-scrolling shooter, roll on it in a mini-driving game or you’ll just hit them like in Street Fighter to say no. It breaks our heart to say it’s addictive!

Cut The Rope

Yes, you’ve probably played it before. You have probably also played as a result, and for free. But if that’s not the case, here’s a game that deserves your attention. Name, the charming creation of ZeptoLab , is a small hungry and rather coated beast that does absolutely nothing to deserve sweets, but which requisitions them anyway. Your task is to cut ropes, pop balloons, and squirt pet cushions to land the candies in his throat with the power of gravity. The gaming experience is better on the touch screen of a smartphone, but if you have a truncheon in your pocket instead of an iPhone or an Android phone, it’s worth it.